Welcome to Intuitive Channels!

Welcome to Intuitive Channels!   If you’re looking for loving intuitive guidance, clarity, and peace of mind, you came to the right place!

I am a very gifted and blessed intuitively and healingly. I have been guiding people through readings for over 25 years. I assist people in gaining valuable insights into all areas of your life regarding relationships, health, finances, personal issues, travel and love. I also specialize in distance Reiki Healing. These healings are very powerful, and you may experience the release of blocked engery, sickness, trapped emotions, fears, anxiety. Together we will bring forth clarity and a deep understanding to your questions. As we work together, the information that is for your highest and greatest good will be presented to you. 

Today you reclaim your power and direction. Today you are receiving more love, laughter and happiness. 

I look fowrward to reading for you! 

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Many Blessings!

Monday-Thursday: 8am-10pm


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